I live in Portand, Oregon and don't plan on leaving. I'm in love with a boy; in love with Christ exponentially more.
I want God to lead me through sanctification in a way that equips me to see the world and everyone in it differently.
My posts are for my own benefit—using writing as an outlet to document and organize my thoughts as well as lessons I’m learning. Hopefully, you will gain some insight through them. God is constantly editing my perspective—confronting my mindset and altering each one that isn’t representative of his heart. Jesus is steadily revealing His reality and relevancy, and only because of His faithful pursuit of my life am I gaining understanding of Him and the world. Seeing how he rearranges my values, convictions, and desires is evidence of how needy I am to grow and mature, and this realization alone makes me desperate for the grace and hope of Christ to lead every aspect of my life.

If she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her.

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seven months.

there were two roads. two separate paths. one, with you. the other, on my own. but what i didn’t see is that those two paths would be converged into one; we’d be walking side by side, i did not see that. i only saw two split paths, and that yours and mine were separate. what could i do? my responsibility was not to direct the path that i was walking on. to bend it to my will. nor to be sad when yours went another way, or another path came my way. i just needed to walk my path. so i did. and i set you free to walk the path set before you. there was no leaving where i must go, to follow my own desires. i had chosen the way i was going, and unless our paths came together- which i didn’t see- then i would just keep walking the path in front of me. i trusted the One who placed my feet upon it. i would be given comfort and joy along the way. and on that day seven months ago the Pathmaker smiled, He knew where both of us were headed.


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whisky and wind

need this.

So sex.
I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time.

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